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Zetor vs. Steam train!

Zetor 25A race against steam train named "Helga". Zetor 25 A Technical specifications: 2-cylinders 4-strokes 2.08 liters diesel. 25hp/1800 rpm. Compression ratio 1:18. Piston diameter 105mm. Stroke 120mm. Flywheel weight 147,5kg 6 speeds manual gearbox. Maximum speed 32km/h with 1800 rmp. 158570 Zetor 25 A&K tractors are produced between 1946-1961. Locomotive technical information: Weight in working order (with the tender): 54 500 kg Fuel: birch firewood Water capacity of the tender: 8,5 m3 Water capacity of the boiler: about 3,3 m3 Working pressure of the boiler: 10 kg/cm2 Wheels: 2-8-0 (4 driving wheel sets, 1 traversing whilst) Lights: acetylene gas lamps

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