Video - Romping tractors in deep mud/swamp/creek!

Videos Zetor UŘ I Romping tractors in deep mud/swamp/creek!

Romping tractors in deep mud/swamp/creek!

Taking these 60's garden tractors back through the woods, and the through the crazyiest stuff we can find. through all the mud, swamps, and the deep ass creek. mikes bolens 1000 was running off a magneto, and i didn't know if it was reliable enough to be going through 2 and a half feet of water with. When i first put that Wisconsin Tr-10D engine on it, i hooked up the magneto, and it ran horribly. so i threw a coil on it, and it ran perfect. and i just stuck with that all last year. then i took the Startergenerator off of it, and made it pull start. not having a battery anymore, i took the 12V coil off of it, and returned the beast to the magneto. and it seems to run fine... but i really thought it wouldn't take that water well at all. It was a Crazy thing, the other tractor, the 1050, with the 850 engine has a 12V coil, and that actually died in the middle of the creek! for a few seconds. i shook the coil wire off, and it started right back up. :) good thing too, because that water was cold, and i don't know how we were gonna get those 550 pound tractors out of the creek... haha oh yeah, and early on the rubber flex plate/u-joint type thing on mikes 1220 exploded when we were going around the circle. and thats a first! never had that problem before. i should probably go and fix that today.

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