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2014-09-03 08:53:22 Zetor Crystal Ur11 problems with hydraulics & PTO

Hi All, I am in need of some help with my 1977

Zetor Crystal 8011 Ur11, problems with hydraulics & PTO.

My hydraulics Just sop working after just a small amount of work. I have drained the oil from the rear and cleaned the filters, removed the hydraulic pump and bench tested it and all worked fine. After refitting and refilling with oil faced the tractor down hill and ran, the hydraulics worked fine. I put my plough back on and the hydraulics stopped working. I opened the union at the pump and nothing, putting my hand on top of the pump it felt as if nothing was turning. also the PTO does not turn when engaged.

I would appreciate some help and advice as it is a lovely Tractor. Regards John

This is a discussion about the 1977 Zetor (ZTS) UŘ II vehicle.

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