18:22:05 manchester ive sorted the pto and lift problem now thanks
17:35:10 manchester hello again could anyone tell me why my lift on the back wont work unless pto is engaged thanks
17:34:09 manchester hello im from england could anyone advise of the replacement costs on a zetor 7045? thanks
20:58:36 maximus Hi,gretings from bosnia!I am new here,and need help for clutch adjustment of Zetor 6245
23:42:30 Proxima Can somebody give me the part number and the approximate cost of this item.
23:41:38 Proxima Hi. I have a problem with the air regulator valve for the four wheel brake system on my 7441 Proxima.
20:56:12 Varalovaren Hello! I am a new Zetor club member.
21:04:04 Algeria
18:33:54 data I have 10011 is possible cange change a gear shift to go to 40Km / h?
16:46:52 greendragon3
16:45:42 greendragon3 we are retoring all the " 5 " series zetors at the moment , we have the 2511 , 3511 , 4511 and the 5511 .
16:44:50 greendragon3 hi , im terry from ireland , new member on here great forum by the way .
12:07:09 Algeria I am a new Zetor-club Member , I say hello to everybody .
19:15:30 Igrozni Hello friends my Zetor is 2011 from 1967 and real mechanical masterwork,the only thing that made me problems was right boot...